Imsouane. Located near Agadir in Morocco, is the surfing spot by excellent in the West Coat of Africa. Here an old fishermen village meets some of the best and longest waves of the world. Unfortunately, the small village is under going an incredible transformation as the tourism industry booms and transform what it was a hidden gem. These series were taken in 2020. The place have since changed drastically.

a waves and background mountains on Imsouane Morocco

Imsouane, Morocco.

a fisherman home in imsouane with a surfboard in the front door

Local fishermen's home

houses of fishermen in imsouane

Local fishermen's home

wide view of imsouane bay area under construction

Transformation of the Bay undergoing

new buildings under construction in imsouane

New constructions for hotel and appartments

view of main village square in imsouane

Town Square

view of the imsouane bay area from the pier

The Pier

two surfers in the sea waiting for the waves
a paddleboard surfer standing in the sea


two paddleboard surfer surfing the same wave in imsouane
image of a brave sea with strong current wind and waves, pier of imsouane the bay with birds flying around

The Bay break point

view of the cathedral area and a one-person table and chair

View of The Cathedral

view of the sea imsouane
a dog looks into the camera with a background of the sea and seagulls
three fishermen boat in imsouane, calm sea, and background mountains


surfer jump into the sea from a rock


surfer surfing a wave


a surfer crashes into the sea, freezed action in the air


one couple and one girl sitting in a bench with a view of surfers and the waves
three surfers going into the sea
two surfers and two horses in the sea
friends looking to friends surfing in imsouane
communications tower and sunset in imsouane

Sunset at Imsouane with view of the Telecom tower

a man observes a group of friend walking down the beach where surfers are warming up

Alone, with a group, or with friends.

a surfer girl walks in the sand while two guys do their own bussiness


fisherman sitting in the ground praying
boy sitting looks at a distance far away surfer girl sitting in the sand
rock and sand of imsouane bay area
an imsouane local fishermen as it leaves a bench walking out

Respect the locals.